Q:  Are you allowed to play with beer in the game cups in any licensed establishment?
    A:  No. Unfortunately, liquor laws ubiquitously across Canada do not permit beer to be in the game cups as this encourages over-consumption, and let’s face it…we’ve all played at home and got fcuked up… so we keep it clean, organized and your beer is yours consume at your drinking leisure.

    Q:  What does ubiquitously mean?
    A:  “Across all Canadian Provinces and Territories”.

    Q:  My beer pong partner drank too much the night before a tournament while “practicing” and doesn’t show for the event, can I play alone or sign someone up on the spot to replace him/her?
    A:  Should the event run as a singles tournament it will be up to the discretion of CBP to determine if there is space for you in the tournament. Should the event be played as a doubles, you may sign a partner on the spot for the cost of a FULL REGISTRATION as our transfer policy dictates there will be no refunds or transfers within the week of the event. So make sure you keep practice to a minimum the night before so you both show up with your game face on.

    Q:  Do we play as a team of 2 or as singles?
    A:  The format of any Remote Tournament™ is determined by the number of players that register and actually ATTEND the event to play. If attendance is between 20 – 32 persons attending the tournament, then it is played as singles. If 34 or more (max 64) players attend the tournament, then we proceed as a regular doubles competition. Note: there is no tournament bracket for 33 players (the number of attendees between singles and doubles).

    Game Play

    Q:  Who shoots first?
    A:  The winner of a coin flip decides to shoot first (gets 3 shots first turn) or to retain Last Shot opportunity (redemption). The referee will decide at random which team calls heads or tails. Both teams get Last Shot opportunity when 1-Cup vs. 1-Cup.

    Q:  What is regulation time?
    A:  In order to encourage swift game play, each game is given a 10 minute time limit. If time expires, a winner is decided by cup differential.

    Q:  If the coin flip determines I get Last Shot opportunity and after the 10 minute Regulation Time expires, can I take my “Last Shot” after time is up?
    A:  The Last Shot must occur during regulation time. If time expires and you have not eliminated all of the opposing teams cups, you will not get to take your “Last Shot” after regulation time- still resulting in a Loss.
          *Only the CBP Shootout is played outside of regulation time.

    Q: When can I reform?
    A: Only one optional reform is permitted at 6 cups (triangle), 4 cups (diamond) or 3 cups (small triangle – normal or reverse) and cannot occur in the middle of a turn.

    Q: If we sink 2 shots in a row, do we get a third shot?
    A: A Power Play shot (third bonus shot) is awarded where in one turn both players sink their consecutive shots.

    Q: Can I get Explosion? What about double cup?
    A: We do not allow explosion or double cup. Cups should be removed right away when you sink a ball to the side of the table.

    Q: How many cups for a bounce shot?
    A: A bounce shot only counts for one cup removed. Opposing players may not swat or snatch (grab) a bounce, regardless of how many bounces. A bounce shot must occur before the red center line, otherwise the shot does not count.

    Q: Can I swat a ball?
    A: Swatting is not permitted. You may snatch (grab) a ball after the ball bounces off a cup in play.

    Q: Can guys finger and girls blow?
    A: Only at home! These rules are for amateurs, and only allow for drunken arguments. To ensure fair game play, there is no blowing or fingering when playing Canadian Beer Pong.

    Q: Is leaning allowed?
    A: Yes leaning is permitted, however, the shot must be released before the defensive blue line – at the referees discretion. If you lean you may not bump, push, brace or nudge the table – just don’t touch the table.

    Q: Are distractions allowed?
    A: Distractions are only allowed behind the table. Keep it clean!

    Q: What if I spill my own cup of water?
    A: Spilling your own cup results in the cup being eliminated from play… to the benefit of the other team.

    Q: When is the mandatory reform?
    A: When a team is down to one cup, the last cup is to be automatically placed in the green circle.

    Q: When does a shootout occur?
    A: A CBP beer pong shootout will occur:

    1. If regulation time runs out during a game and the cup differential is the same.
    (e.g. 3 cups on both sides are remaining as the 10 minute timer signals the end of a game.)

    2. Should a team successfully eliminate the opposing team’s last cup in the last shot opportunity (redemption) within regulation time.
    (e.g. You have one cup left and you eliminate all of your opponent’s remaining cups from the table, in the next turn your opponent eliminates your last cup within regulation time, then a shootout will begin – which may continue past regulation time.)

    3. When there are an uneven number of teams in an elimination round, the shootout will be used to determine which team receives a bye to the next round.
    (Note: This will only determine which team progresses to the following round with a bye and is not used to eliminate a team, the teams that ‘lose’ the shootout still remain in the tournament and must compete against each other in that round to progress.)

    Q: Who goes first in a Shootout?
    A: The team to last sink a cup (force the shootout/tie the # of cups remaining) will get the choice to go first or second.


    There are no billing questions at this time. Please feel free to submit a question via our Contact Us Form.

    The Glossary of Beer Pong

    Cup Differential: The number of own cups remaining (on your side) minus the number of opposing cups remaining (opposing team’s side). A positive number results in a win (e.g. You have 5 cups remaining, the opposing side has 3 cups remaining. The cup differential is +2, resulting in a win). *Note: A cup differential of zero results in a tie and a winner is determined via a Shootout.

    Cups Remaining: The number of cups that are remaining on your side of the table. The number of cups remaining is used/recorded to determine many important aspects of your beer pong performance including your (team’s) cup differential and most importantly who wins the game. The team with the highest number of cups remaining is the winner.


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