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Ten Commandments of CBP

  1. STANDARD 10 CUP FORMATION: Cups shall be placed in the Standard 10 Cup Formation at the start of every game. Only one optional reform at 6, 4 or 3 cups and one mandatory reform at 1 cup. A team may only reform before its turn – not during (with the exception of the Solo Cup).
  2. FACEOFF: The team that wins the coin flip at the beginning of the game shall decide whether they shoot first (first team to shoot gets 3 shots) OR Receive ‘Last Shot’ opportunity – redemption. In the event both teams are 1 cup vs. 1 cup, both teams will have the Last Shot opportunity.
  3. LEANING: Players may lean with one or both feet still on the ground (no jumping). However, the shot must be released before crossing the vertical plane of the defensive blue line.
  4. POWER PLAY: In the event that in one turn, both players from the same team sink their consecutive shots, a Power Play Shot shall be given to a team. This allows the team to take one bonus shot.
  5. SNATCHING: Balls shall not be swatted, only grabbed (snatched) out of the air and only after contact with a cup rim or an object outside of the playing surface. If the ball contacts the rim of any cup that has already been removed from play, the ball is considered dead.
  6. SPILLAGE: Players shall not intentionally or unintentionally spill their own cup, should this take place, that cup will be eliminated from play to the benefit of the opposing team.
  7. INTERFERENCE: No player or spectator shall bump, push, brace or nudge the table during gameplay.
  8. SPORTSMANLIKE CONDUCT: Beer Pong is a gentleman’s game! Distractions shall only take place directly behind the table. Keep it clean!
  9. REGULATION TIME: Thou shalt play in a timely fashion! Should regulation time expire (10 minutes) where both teams have an equal number of cups remaining on the table, or the Last Shot sinks the last cup, a shootout will be necessary.
  10. OVERTIME: Should the game reach overtime, the CBP Shootout is a 3 cup formation where the winner shall be declared based on differential of cups sunk (3 shots first round, 3 shots second round & single shot elimination thereafter – first team to take 3 shots consecutively, then other team to do the same and so on). The team to force the shootout (Last Shot) has the option to shoot first or second in the shootout.

“Please Play Responsibly”

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